Invisible, easy to use & safe - antibacterial protective coating for Aquarium & Terraruim. 3 months protection against harmful bacteria on the surface with just one wipe!

Launching in Q2 2020. Our new formulation for 'Aquariums and Terrariums'. Easy wipe on protective coating that is proven to reduce harmful bacterial growth on the surface by up to 99.9%. The antibacterial & hydrophobic surface helps to reduce bacterial mould growth and keeps surfaces free from harmul bacteria. Proven against Staphylococcus and MRSA and other nasty bacteria. Keep your products clean and fresh. Protects from bacteria, mould, fungus and odours. Affordable and easy to use.


We add a NANO SIZE antibacterial product into the NANO THIN LIQUID GLASS COATING during the manufacturing process. This nano-sized antibacterial additive acts on the surface to continually reduce up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria on the surface.

We have a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE licence for this patented product that's produced in a top laboratory in Europe to strict quality standards and conforms to the most stringent current UK & European standards (BPR/BAUA).

As an effective antibacterial Bioarmor-nano also eliminates the growth of mold and fungus on the surface AND has the added benefit of being water resistant (Hydrophobic). The hydrophobic quality makes water on the surface form into small droplets and run off - reducing limescale deposits.

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3 Months Protection with Just One Wipe

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