PLEASE NOTE: This is a trade only product.The nominal SRP shown in the box below is to be ignored. Your price per box of x100 to be negotiated with your territory DIstributor


We have designed our INDUSTRIAL VERSION surface protection pack to include x100 specially formulated sachets that can be used on most office surfaces:

X100 Multisurface Sachets in a specially designed tear-off box to allow easy access. 

As the sachets are filled with our product - which itself is contained in an Ethanol solution (at over 75% alcohol) any surface is immediately disinfectedbefore the Ethanol evaporates leaving our nano-thin layer containing our patented nano-silver ingrededient which will protect the surface from harmful germs and bacteria for 3 months before reapplication is needed*

This product is only available for trade sales and can be pre-ordered from our exclusive UK distribution partner Bluechipworld Sales & Marketing. 

For terms and trade pricing please contact

All Bioarmor-nano® products are laboratory tested to reduce harmful surface bacteria by up to 99.9%. Specifically tested on Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA.  The coating is touch-dry, ready to use and starts to work in under 5 minutes. The coating continues to harden in normal temperatures for the next 5 hours and then continues to protect the surface for the next 3 months minimum of normal use surfaces.

Bioarmor Nano® Lab tested & proven to 99.9%. ANTIBAC Protection for your office and work surfaces.


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