How antibacterial surface coating works

Introducing the star of the Bioarmor-nano show - nanosilver! We have developed a nanoscale antimicrobial additive that is incorporated into our nano-thin (under 150 nanometers) semi-permanent invisible, touch sensitive antibacterial surface coating.The silver reacts with the microbe's cell structure as it comes into contact with the harmful microbes and bacteria - continually reducing the surface bacterial activity by up to 99.9% for at least 3 months. We have developed different formulations and saturations for a range of different substrates and Household/Office/Tech product surfaces. The nanosilver and the nano coating are both patented and to the best of our knowledge there is no other product offering these levels of protection for such sustained periods.We are continually developing and testing our product and hope to have some significant announcements very soon.

Our antibacterial surface coatings are long lasting, invisible, do not affect touch-sensitivity & offer some protection from minor knocks & scratches.

Bioarmor-nano antibacterial surface coatings are new weapons in the war against harmful microbes, bacteria - and now - viruses. We have rigorously tested the effectiveness of our antimicrobial products in our own labs and in independent UK labs to confirm our efficacy rates of 99.9% on Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA & E-coli PLUS a 95% efficacy on *Phi6 bacteriophage - a common test surrogate for the corona and influenza enveloped virus types.

Our product a great is an advance on other surface cleaners because it is an 'active' surface protection that lasts for 3 months, continually attacking microbes that landing on your treated layer.

The surface layer is nano-thin (under 150nm) and contains super tiny nano-particles (under 50nm) of silver-ions which interfere with the cells of the harmful bacteria & certain viruses (tested on phi 6).

We have selected 'wet-wipes' as our application system simply because they're easy to use and we can formulate the saturation for different packs. Each sachet will cover around 1m2 or multiple objects.

We are an antimicrobial product. The definition of antimicrobial is 'Antimicrobial products kill or slow the spread of microorganisms. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew..

Our wet-wipes are biodegradable and all our packaging with the exception of the sachet is recyclable.

Our products are curently available from: WH Smith, Rymans, Robert Dyas, A1 Comms, Amazon and that list is updated regularly (please see our stockists page for details)

Our antibacterial surface coating is nano-thin and invisible. Doesn't affect touch sensitivity on screens. Antibac wet-wipes.

* We did our antiviral testing on a bacteriophage surrogate phi6. This in an enveloped virus type and often used in tests as a surrogate for coronavirus & influenza virus.

Protective antibacterial coatings work on hard, non-porous surfaces you'll find in your home,office, car, hotel - plus your pet products, kids toilet training products and tech/gadgets/remotes and game ontrollers.

We offer the only long lasting durable product that can be described as:

* Nano-thin coating

* Antibacterial Nano Coating

* Antimicrobial Nano Coating

*Antibacterial Surface Wipes