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Our glass SCREEN PROTECTORS are made from the finest JAPANESE glass (Asahi and/or Gorilla) and offer 100% clarity and touch sensitivity!

Our older screen protectors offered: Antibacterial/antimicrobial protection incorporated into the outer coating of the glass PLUS being anti-scratch (up to a 9H protection) - anti-fingerprint anti 'smudge & smear' - easy fit & bubble free application (please see the videos on this website) and they’re all specially engineered with rounded corners & edges for a smoother touch I

Our newer screen shields come with all the old benefits, but the antimicrobial/antibacterial protection is delivered by way of a sachet of the NANO-SHIELD product that you can apply to the screen AND the case.

The antimicrobial additive means your original Bioarmor-Nano™ screens and the newer models with the added Bioarmor-Nano™ product is cleaner and fresher than other comparable products giving you 24/7 Protection to the treated surfaces. Reapplication is recommended every 3 months with normal use.

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