Invisible, easy to use & safe - antibacterial protective coating for pet products (dogs & cats). 3 months protection against harmful bacteria on the surface with just one wipe!

Launching in Q4 2019. Our new formulation for dog and cat products is safe to use on food preparation and feeding areas - such as pet feeding bowls, drinking bowls, litter trays, pooper-scoopers and hard beds. Easy wipe on protective coating that is proven to reduce harmful bacterial groth on the surface by up to 99.9%. Proven against Staphylococcus and MRSA and other nasty bacteria. Keep your products clean and fresh. Protects from bacterai, mould, fungus and odours.Affordable and easy to use. Totally invisible and gives some protection from minor knocks, scratched and abrasions.

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3 Months Protection with Just One Wipe

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