We have been working for some time to develop an antibacterial additive with a particle size small enough to add to a nano-thin  invisible yet tough coating (under 150 nanometers thin)

We partnered with a laboratory in Europe who have managed to combine this nano sized antibacterial additive with an invisible,durable, nano-thin & quick drying coating which itself was less than 1/500th the thickness of a human hair!

At the time of writing we have launched TWO versions of the product being:

  • Bioarmor-Nano®  for the HOME - protecting those important surfaces in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining Room and the Nursery.
  • Bioarmor-Nano® for all your GADGETS & 'TECH' including Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Keyboards, TV remotes, Game Controllers etc. etc. 

Our coating is touch-dry & protecting your surfaces from attack by harmful bacteria within 5 minutes.

The coating when fully dried also protects from minor scratches, abrasions and knocks PLUS it acts as a hydrophobic barrier by repelling liquids and making the liquid form into tiny balls on the surface which reduces residue like limescale and the nano smooth surface is easy-to-clean!. 

We hope you like it!

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