We have been working for some time to develop an antibacterial/antimicrobial additive with a particle size small enough to add to a liquid glass coating. We found and partnered with a laboratory in Germany who had managed to produce this nano sized antimicrobial product and we have successfully added this into a LIQUID GLASS NANO COATING – about 1/500th the thickness of a human hair!

We have launched TWO versions of the product (as at April 2019)

  • Bioarmor-Nano™ Mobile protecting computers, laptops & mobile devices (phones and tablets) .
  • Bioarmor-Nano™ protecting Kitchen & Bathroom surfaces

Our coating is between 100 & 150 microns ‘thin’ and are touch-dry within 5 minutes. The coating when dried protects from bacterial and microbial attack to the treated surface PLUS it acts as a Hydrophobic Barriers by repelling dirt and liquids – the hardened coating also gives some protection to the original surface from minor knocks and abrasions.

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