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Did you know that dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different species of microbes? Or that your kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet?  Research by the Good Housekeeping Institute also found that everyday electronic devices (like our phones, laptops and tablets) as well as handbags, remote controls and the kitchen sink are hotspots for bacteria and microbes. Despite being regularly wiped-down, kitchen worktops – used to prepare raw food loaded with pathogens – contain an average of 1,736 bacteria per square inch. Meanwhile, bathroom taps and handles contain 50,068 and mobile phones 11,020. Pretty gross, right?

No, not all germs are harmful, and people with strong immune systems can resist many illnesses, but increased exposure to bacteria and microbes can heighten the risk of you or your loved ones becoming unwell. Not only that, but excessive bacteria and microbes can also contribute to nasty odours in the home. Yuck!

Bioarmor-Nano™ has developed the first and only product that continually reduces the growth of harmful bacteria that attack our home and device surfaces by up to 99.99%  providing an ultra-clean & fresh surface, all day long for THREE MONTHS at a time, 

Our non-toxic, wipe-on, invisible & super thin coating contains a super tiny antibacterial additive (a derivative of Silver) that’s effective, tough & durable and that can be easily applied to a range of household surfaces, products and devices. This coating lasts 3 months before re-application is recommended.

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