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latest update 7th April 2020

We are awaiting guidance of the required format (size, font type, icon etc.) to display our EPA number on all our packaging, website, PR releases and printed materials. We will update here when we have the details.

updated 14:51 April 3rd 2020

Bioarmor-nano® has finalized testing on a version of Bioarmor-nano® coating that is suitable for sale into the USA. We will be launching the product imminently and with a valid EPA (Environmental  Protection Agency) number to add to our European BPR (Biocidal Product Register) approval.


updated 14:58 3rd April 2010

Updated wording:

The active biocidal agent in bioarmor-nano® coating is nanosilver – after recent test results were analysed our partner laboratory has recently emailed us to confirm we are able to safely say   “Nanosilver in a textile coating has been confirmed to  be over 90% effective in reducing viruses”   

In addition to the above, our partners have posted this extract on their official website:

“the chemical building blocks of viruses are not invulnerable because they contain sulphur atoms. The sulphur atoms react with silver at the chemical level and lead to the irreversible destruction of the viral building blocks. Viruses are immobile: once placed on a surface, such as a door handle, they must first come into contact with silver. And this is where nanotechnology brings its invaluable advantage: Silver can be used in the smallest quantities, finely divided and actively against viruses on surfaces such as door handles, handles, touch screens, etc. The effectiveness of nanosilver against viruses has been proven in numerous scientific studies that have been carried out worldwide (Source 1-7).

The project was to investigate the contribution to hygiene made by surfaces that are equipped with nanosilver. A double-blind study showed that the hygiene benefits are significant: 50% fewer germs settle on surfaces that contain nanosilver in the form of an ultra-thin coating than on surfaces that do not contain nanosilver (source 8). As a result, the project delivered a ready-to-use coating. The active ingredient nanosilver contained therein is marketable both in the EU and in the USA.

Our laboratory has increased it’s testing on viral efficacy on ‘nanosilver in bioarmor-nano coating’ since the beginning of this recent outbreak. We are testing to ISO 21702 standard which takes a set  amount of time - but we  will release more news on the  efficacy results of nanosilver in the bioarmor-nano product against specific viruses at the end of April/beginning of May 2020.

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Bioarmor-nano® active ingredient technology is currently tested to be effective on microbes and viruses 24/7 for the lifetime of the coating - which is a minimum of 3 months on a surface with normal usage.

The most important advice at this time is to follow the official government hygiene guidance and keep safe

We will update this section as soon as we receive updates and developments from the Lab.

bioarmor-nano® tests production to ensure efficacy up to 99.9% on tested microbes such as Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA is achieved.

Did you know that dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different species of microbes? That your phone screen has more nasty bacteria than a toilet seat? Or that your kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet?  Research by the Good Housekeeping Institute also found that everyday electronic devices (like our phones, laptops and tablets) as well as handbags, remote controls, car sat-navs and the kitchen sink are hotspots for bacteria and microbes. Despite being regularly wiped-down, kitchen worktops – used to prepare raw food loaded with pathogens – contain an average of 1,736 bacteria per square inch. Meanwhile, bathroom taps and handles contain 50,068 and mobile phones 11,020. Pretty gross, right?

Not all germs are harmful, but increased exposure to nasty bacteria and microbes can heighten the risk of cross contamination. Not only that, but excessive bacterial and microbial growth can also contribute to mould, surface degradation & nasty odours in the home. Yuck!


Bioarmor-Nano has developed the first and only air-dried nano coating product that reduces harmful bacteria on contact & then continues to effectively reduce the growth of those harmful bacteria for THREE MONTHS.

Reduce harmful bacteria that attack our home, product and device surfaces by up to 99.99%. Have an ultra-clean & fresh surface, all day long! 

Our easy wipe-on, invisible & super thin coating contains a super tiny antibacterial additive (a derivative of Silver) that’s effective, tough & durable and that can be easily applied to a range of household surfaces, products and devices. On most surfaces this coating lasts a minimum of 3 months before re-application is recommended.

Protect Your Family and Home's Important Surfaces

wipe-on ... wipe-off antibacterial surface protection. Immediate bacteria removal as you apply - then continuing protection for the next three months.

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